In Memoriam

Thatcher Lamastus
Hector “Tito” Vargas Gomez

Directed and Narrated by

Stuart Svenson

Executive Producer

Stuart Svenson

Research, Story and Screenplay by

Nanette Archer Svenson

Edited by

José Guardia Davis

Associate Producer

 Wilford Lamastus, Jr.

Director of Photography

Marcelo Bibiloni

Music Director

José Guardia Davis

General Production

Stephanie Vander Werf

Interviews by (in alphabetical order)

Willem Boot

Joseph Brodsky

Miguel Cervantes

Graciano Cruz

Stefanos Domatiotis

Jie Huang

Ricardo Koyner

Thatcher Lamastus

Wilford Lamastus, Jr.

Wilford Lamastus, Sr.

Celestino Mariano Gallardo

Moises Montezuma

Daniel Peterson

Price Peterson

Rachel Peterson

Mike Perry

Benjamin Put

Ric Rhinehart

Maria Ruiz

Francisco Jose Serracin

Taroh Suzuki

Hector “Tito” Vargas Gomez

Vincent Wang

Boquete Unit

Production Manager – Alberto “Benito” Bermudez

Production Assistant – Alexandra Porta

Camera Assistant – Manuel Alexander Alva

Second Camera – Pedro Marín

Sound – Carlos Urriola

 Luis Lasso

José Rommel Tuñón

DIT / Data Manager – José Guardia Davis

Location Manager – Alberto “Benito” Bermudez

Location Assistant – Alisson Paola Jaramillo

Still Photographer – Laura Espinoza

Transcription – Rafael Méndez, Diana Antunez

Boston Unit

Camera: Marcelo Bibiloni

Sound: Stephanie Vander Werf


Post Production

Illustration – Chris McNally

Motion Graphics – Mik Gaspay

Colorist – José Gabriel Guardia

Sound Mix – Ricky Merchan

Archival Footage Research – José Guardia Davis

Transcription – TranscribeYa

Translation – Koyo Konishi and Federico Roa


The filmmakers wish to convey their immense gratitude to…

Verve Coffee Roasters

for the use of their Farmlevel Digest Vol. 2 Panama material,

Joseph Brodsky of Ninety Plus Gesha Estates

for use of his original film footage from Ethiopia, and

Manuel Barsallo

for the use of his original photography from the Coffeetogolist website.

The filmmakers also acknowledge the valuable contributions
of the following coffee producers and professionals:

Carlos Aguilera

Mario Castrellon

Giancarlo Effio

Aliss Hartmann

Ratibor Hartmann

Tessie Hartmann

Janet Janson

Michael Janson

Cali and Heide Janson

Jose Kawashima

Jose Manuel Gallardo

Aldo Rey Valderrama

Michelle Lamastus

Victoria Koyner

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Rodriguez

As well as the following individuals and groups
for their insights and support:

Café Unido

David De Castro

Chris Buck

Mansi Chokshi

Lucien Gollner

Kim Elena Lonescu

Pituka Ortega Heilbron

Danny Pinnell

Specialty Coffee Association

Specialty Coffee Association of Panama

Parker Stevenson

Will Young

Stock/Archival Footage and Images Courtesy of:

Boot Camp Coffee

Caffe Trieste

Coffee Quality Institute


Cup of Excellence

Daily Coffee News

George Howell Coffee

Getty Research Institute

Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI)


Kevin Sinnott’s CoffeeCon 2015

Kike Calvo

Klatch Coffee

Library of Congress

Los Angeles Times

Los Lajones Estate

Manhattan Institute for Policy Research

Men’s Journal

Ninety Plus Coffee

Olam Specialty Coffee

Panama Coffee: The Perfect Cup

Panama Jazz Festival

Peet’s Coffee



Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)

Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP)

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

TASS Russian News Agency

The Economist Newspaper Limited

The Coffeevine

Verve Coffee Roasters

World Coffee Research

Zach-Daggett – Perfect Daily Grind

Legal Counsel

Garibaldo y Asociados


By licensing arrangement with Marmoset Music:

‘Every Corner In The Black Lodge (Instrumental)’ by 1939 Ensemble

‘Better Days (Instrumental)’ by The Colony

‘Diving Horses (Instrumental)’ by Memory Palace

‘Fittipaldi (Instrumental)’ by King Crab

‘Force Of Nature (90) (Instrumental)’ by Our Many Stars

‘Ghost Town (Instrumental)’ by Bikini Trill

‘Vulcan Wilderness (Instrumental)’ by Fields

‘Winter’s End (Instrumental)’ by Deadwater

‘Ruby (Instrumental)’ by Eugene Davis

‘Journey’s End (Instrumental)’ by LandMrks

‘Life Support (Instrumental)’ by Brian Sussman

‘Long Summer Days (Instrumental)’ by SAKURA

‘MVP (Instrumental)’ by The Brotherhood

‘Kenton (Instrumental)’ by Dr Crosby

‘Portals (Instrumental)’ by GEM!N!

‘The Falcon (Instrumental)’ by Justin Krol & Quinn Scharber

‘La Paz El Bajo (Instrumental)’ by Chuck Fay

‘Our Journey (Instrumental)’ by Golden Dunes

‘Perhaps We Are Looking at a Conspiracy (Instrumental)’ by Jeff Whitcher

‘Raise the Bridge (Instrumental)’ by Beautiful Eulogy

‘SURREALISM (Instrumental)’ by Ess Be

‘The Third Man (Instrumental)’ by Justin Krol & Quinn Scharber

‘Under The Night Sky (Instrumental)’ by Kevin Matley

‘Disjunctive (Instrumental)’ by Cold Storage Percussion Unit

‘Bright Futures (Instrumental)’ by Keen Collective

‘Black Heart (Instrumental)’ by James Low

‘Children of the City (Instrumental)’ by Aaron Abernathy

‘Julian (Instrumental)’ by Sun Shapes

‘Late Night, Later Morning (Instrumental)’ by Justin Krol & Quinn Scharber

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